In 1924 The Wembley Store, a charming shop specialising in luxury food, was first opened by an enterprising and dedicated young man, Emanuel Gauci, in the centre of Valletta. The Wembley Store name was inspired by the British Empire Exhibition, which happened to be held at Wembley that same year.

Emanuel's new store set about offering only the best foods that industry had to offer at the time, and because of the refined quality and extensive variety, The Wembley Store was an instant success, even becoming a landmark and favoured meeting place for Maltese and British.

During the Second World War, just across the street the Royal Opera House was bombed – naturally the explosion also damaged The Wembley Store, but the disaster didn't deter Emanuel from continuing to serve his customers.

In 1946, after the War, the store was renovated and Joseph, Emanuel's son returned from an apprenticeship he had held at Harrods of Knightsbridge, London to join his father in business. Joseph expanded The Wembley Store and continued to build upon his father's reputation. He went on to form a company under the name of Wembley Stores Co Ltd. in 1972.


Today Joseph's two sons, Noel and Christopher continue their family's legacy, running The Wembley Store to ever higher standards with quality and refinement still at the heart of the business.

Over the last 95 years The Wembley Store has built relationships with Fine Food manufacturers, Wine producers, Traders and small family-run businesses. Today's customers benefit from the experience of three generations of consistency and reliability, and a hand-picked mix of international and local, traditional and modern quality products to cater for a variety of lifestyles and tastes. We're continuing an excellence, while maintaining the reasonable prices that were always part of The Wembley Store principles. The recent store refurbishment respects the family's tradition as well as paving the way for the future.