YIN Vacuum Drinking Flask
YIN Vacuum Drinking Flask

YIN Vacuum Drinking Flask

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 Vacuum flask with screw cap made of stainless steel, filling quantity: 0.5L

- durable & robust
- Wide opening for convenient drinking and cleaning
- No plastic & no harmful substances: 100% high-quality & tested food-safe stainless steel of quality 18/8, seal made of food-safe silicone
- dishwasher safe (we recommend washing the lid by hand)
- Keeps liquids warm / cold for up to 8 hours.
- Recommendation: clean regularly with a bottle brush.
- Not suitable for carbonated drinks.


Ø = 7.4, H = 21.5cm

Dimensions: H = 21.5 cm, Ø = 7.4 cm (500ml)