A closer look at Riesling

Some grape varieties can be quite predictable in the wines they produce.  Riesling is not one of them.  Most wine enthusiasts I have spoken to have tasted a Riesling and formed an opinion on wine produced from this aromatic grape. But there is such a wide variety of styles and origins that you have to get through many bottles to start to understand what it has to offer.  Last month I attended a Master Class on Riesling that was excellently presented by Wine Educator Paolo Mittiga and got to try six different wines each highlighting particular aromas and flavours. What was amazing to observe was the variety of opinions on which was the favourite wine.  There seemed to be a Riesling for everyone! So if you don’t think Riesling is fantastic then you haven’t tasted the one made for your palate. From dry to sweet, young to aged, a complete spectrum of wine styles has been accomplished using this varietal.  In our wine cellar at The Wembley Store we stock Rieslings from Germany, Alsace, Austria, Italy, Washington State, New York State and Australia.  Where will you start?