Plenty of Reasons to try meat alternatives.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or an everyday meat-eater there are Plenty of Reasons to try these 100% plant-based meat alternatives and here are some of them:

  • free from preservatives, palm oil, artificial colours, flavour enhances, gmo, cholesterol and phosphates;
  • minimum content of soy (1%);
  • high in protein eg. Meatless Chilli Kabanos Sausage contains 36.54g/100g of protein whereas there is 26g/100g of protein in beef;
  • high in fiber eg. Meatless Kebab contains 5.95g/100g of fiber whereas there is 0g of fiber in meat;
  • low in fat eg. Meatless Bacon has 6.94g/100g of fat whereas real bacon contains 41g/100g of fat;
  • based on pea and wheat protein instead of soy;
  • original and unique recipes created without the use of spice mixes
  • natural as we smoke them with natural oak and beech wood which gives them their unique flavour;
  • versatile because you can fry them, grill them, boil them, bake them, or eat them straight from the package;
  • suitable for freezing.